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Plant Lady Pin

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We all know (or are) a plant lady. This pin was made specifically for them!

It's the perfect addition to any pin collection, bag or wherever you display your pins.


This pin is 35mm and is made on a base of black nickel which shines silvery in the light. 


Your pin will arrive packaged safely in a compostable potato starch cello bag - how cool!

BIODEGRADATION INFO -from the manufacturer-

All our biofilm (and cellophane) bags are fully biodegradable and compostable which means that they break down to CO2 and water which can then be reused in the eco system to make new plants. This will happen in either in home or commercial composting or landfill. They will still break down to CO2 and water but in commercial composting the temperature will be higher and the process is much quicker. In a colder home composter it will just take longer